How much does it cost to ship a car to Hawaii?

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How can you ship a car to Hawaii?

When you decide to ship a car to Hawaii, you get primarily two options. You can either ship your car to Hawaii in a RORO ship or you can ship your car to Hawaii via container shipping. RoRo shipping is the most economical and recommended way to ship a car to Hawaii. Since hundreds of cars are simultaneously shipped in a single vessel, the cost of shipping per vehicle is lower as compared to other options. Container shipping is suitable if you are shipping a vintage or luxury car to Hawaii as it adds an extra layer of security for the vehicle.

Benefits of choosing SAKAEM to ship your car to Hawaii

Our experience sets us apart

You can trust us to ship your car to Hawaii as we have been in this industry for more than a century now. With experience in shipping more than 130,000 vehicles, we can ship your car to Hawaii in a hassle-free way. When you ship your car to Hawaii with SAKAEM, you can relax as your car is in safe hands.

Our shipping services are budget friendly

SAKAEM Logistics does not charge you any upfront costs when you book a car shipment to Hawaii. It means that you will pay the shipping costs only when you receive your vehicle in Hawaii. Moreover, being a broker, SAKAEM Logistics can offer you the most affordable rates for car shipping to Hawaii.

We offer comprehensive shipping solutions

When you ship a car to Hawaii with SAKAEM Logistics, a representative from our professionals will coordinate with you throughout the process.  This one point of contact allows you to enjoy a smooth experience of car shipping to Hawaii. Moreover, we consider every shipment as unique and our team provides you with shipping solutions tailored to your shipping needs.

Our shipments are financially insured

All of our shipments are financially insured from the moment we pick your car from your doorstep to the moment it is delivered at your required destination in Hawaii. It means you can sit back and relax while we ship your car to Hawaii in a secure and hassle-free way.

Understand the process before you ship a car to Hawaii

To ship a car to Hawaii, you need to follow these four steps.


Getting a Quote and booking

If you want to ship a car to Hawaii, you can start by getting a quote. You can get in touch with our shipment advisor who will create a shipping plan according to your shipping requirements. Then, you’ll book a shipment for shipping your car to Hawaii.


Preparing the vehicle

After booking the shipment, you will prepare your car for pick up. Ideally, you should leave a quarter tank of gasoline so that we can load and unload your vehicle in case of RORO shipping.  Moreover, make sure that you do not leave any expensive items in the car.


Vehicle Pick up

Once the vehicle is ready to be shipped, a driver from our shipping company will communicate with you for vehicle pick up. SAKAEM Logistics proudly offers door-to-port shipping services. Therefore, we will pick the car from your doorstep and ship it to Hawaii.


Vehicle Delivery

Finally, you will pick up the vehicle once it has reached Hawaii. Please make sure that you inspect your car thoroughly before receiving it. You will be asked to sign an inspection document at this stage as well.

How long does it take to ship a car to Hawaii?

The time required to ship a car to Hawaii depends on many factors including the method of shipping, shipping company and distance of shipping. On average, you can ship a car to Honolulu from New York in 14-19 days. Similarly, it will take 8-12 days for us to ship your car to Hawaii from Los Angeles. You can expect your car to reach Hawaii in 13-18 days if you are shipping from Chicago.

How can you prepare a car to ship to Hawaii?

Clean the vehicle

Clean the interior and exterior of your car thoroughly before we ship it to Hawaii. 

Do this to make sure that we can inspect your vehicle properly at the time of loading and unloading.

Remove all personal items

Make sure that you do not leave any personal items in the car before we ship it to Hawaii. You should not leave any important documents in the car as well.

Keep the gas tank low

For international shipments, you should not leave gas more than 5% of the tank’s capacity. For domestic shipments, the threshold is considerably higher (25%).

Check the battery

Before you handover the vehicle to our representative and we ship your car to Hawaii, make sure that the battery is working properly. A dead battery will cause problems during loading and unloading the vehicle.

Check the brakes

Your car should have fully operational brakes before we ship it to Hawaii. Any problem with the car’s braking system can become a safety hazard leading to potentially damaging your vehicle.

Disable the alarms

If your car has an alarm system, whether factory installed or aftermarket, make sure that you handover the remote to our driver. Otherwise, we will have to remove the alarm before we ship your car to Hawaii.




Vehicles Shipped




Years of Combined Experience

RoRo vs Container Shipping

You have two options to ship your car to Hawaii: RORO and Container Shipping. There are some pros and cons to each method which are listed below so that you can decide which one fits your needs.

RORO (Recommended)

Cars are driven onto a vessel and tied to the deck

Budget-friendly option to ship your car to Hawaii

Departure and arrival dates of RORO ships are very reliable

Ideal for shipping everyday use car

You cannot ship luggage along with your car

Container Shipping

Cars are either shipped in private or shared container

Expensive method, but gives freedom to ship luggage as well

Adds an extra layer of security

Shipping can get delayed in case of shared container shipping

Ideal for shipping luxury or vintage cars

Frequently Asked Questions about shipping cars to Hawaii

Yes, you can keep as much luggage as you want if you opt for private container shipping services. However, if you choose RORO shipping or shared container shipping, we advise you to keep luggage not more than 100 pounds in the trunk of the car.

Yes, you can get the latest updates on your car shipments to Hawaii by contacting our customer support. They will inform you about the expected delivery dates and other relevant information.

When you book a shipment with SAKAEM, there is only one point of contact for a smooth shipping experience. Therefore, your shipping advisor will remain in touch with you throughout the shipping process. He will give you a heads up before a shipping truck reaches your doorstep to pick your vehicle.

RORO shipping is the most economical shipping method. In RORO ships, the company ships hundreds of vehicles thereby decreasing the cost of shipping per vehicle. Therefore, we recommend you choose RORO shipping to ship your car on a budget.

How much will It cost to ship your car?

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