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When you need to move a car, you have two choices, drive or ship it. Utilizing car shipping services will help your vehicles arrive at your new home safe and secured. Having to relocate your entire home is stressful enough; working with SAKEAM can make the move easier by streamlining the process of relocating your vehicles.

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We understand that when you receive military orders, you have to act. Working with one of our experienced agents can help you efficiently and effectively find the best car shipping service from a trusted carrier. Our military members dedicate their lives to serving our country, and we want to do our part to make their lives easier.


Having the ability to travel during the year gives you a chance to enjoy warmer weather as you seek relief from the frigid winter temperatures. Car shipping services make it easier to travel while enjoying the convenience of having your vehicle with you.

Online Car Buyers

Buying a car online gives you the ability to find your dream car at the right price. However, once you buy a vehicle, you need to figure out how to bring it home. Car shipping gives you an affordable option for bringing your new car home.

Relocating People

Relocating people looking for custom shipping solutions for shipping their family cars. Ship your car from any location to your destination city without a hassle. Once you decide on your relocation date, book your car shipping and we will quickly assign a pickup date of your choice and send a truck to pickup your car. After just a few days your cars will be delivered at the destination.

What factors affect the cost of shipping a vehicle?

Why choose SAKAEM?


When you book with SAKEAM, you aren’t required to pay your car shipping costs upfront. Book your shipment and then pay a deposit when the driver is dispatched for pickup. You don’t have to complete payment until your vehicle is delivered.


Our advisors take a personal interest in your car shipping needs. They’ll take the time to listen and understand your situation. They’ll work with you to coordinate your car relocation with your move schedule.


Feel confident with your decision to ship your car. You’ll have a single point of contact throughout your entire car shipping experience. Our advisors are skilled in the car relocation process to make the experience a simple one.


Every shipment booked through SAKEAM is protected by comprehensive insurance coverage. While we strive for every shipment to be perfect, life is unpredictable. Insurance gives you peace of mind when car shipping for your relocation.


Car shipping can be a confusing process; the quote you receive shouldn’t be. Our advisors want you to understand what you’re paying for. Fair and transparent pricing ensures you can be confident that your quote represents quality service.


Our advisors have the experience necessary to guide you through the car shipping process. You can trust that their experience will ensure your car relocation is done through a safe and secure carrier with a strong track record for dependable performance.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Cross country car shipping takes longer than shipping within the state or between neighboring states. Shipping a car from a remote location or delivering the car to a remote location might also increase the time it takes for car shipping.
The distance covered when shipping a car across country is an important factor in determining the cost to ship a car across country. Other factors such as vehicle type, seasonality also effect the price of car shipping.
One of the most popular routes is car shipping from Florida to California. Because of this demand sometimes car shipping can take longer as well as the cost to ship a car can be slightly higher.
Yes, car dealership can book a car transport service with us. They can also build a trusted long term relationship with SAKAEM for all their car shipping needs for now and in future.
Yes, used cars can be shipped similar to new car shipping.
Yes you can put limited amount of personal items in the trunk of the vehicle, not exceeding 50lb. You are fully responsible for any personal items you may choose to place in your vehicle.
At the time of car pickup, the driver will take several pictures of your car in addition to doing a thorough walk-through of the car. The driver will identify and notate any pre-existing damages to the car prior to pickup. The driver will provide a report of any pre-existing damages to you. In addition, at the time of drop off, the driver will perform another car inspection at the time of drop off, and documents them. The driver verifies with you that the condition of the car is not altered during car shipping.
Yes. After purchasing your car online, you can book car shipping with us. We will pick your car up from dealership lot and deliver it to your door step as part of our door to door car transport.
Car shipping for snowbirds is very simple. You simply need to provide your email address and ask us to ship your car. We will give you the best available snowbird pricing. two times a year. You never have to look for another shipper for your car shipping needs.
Yes. We take pride in offering Military car shipping to serving members, veterans and other members of military families. We often have special military car shipping offers. Don't forget to ask for one.

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